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Technical Services

Study / Installation / Control / Licensing

It is required by law that in professional installations, there must be a fixed and stable connection/ installation to transfer the LPG from the cylinders or tanks to the areas and appliances where it is to be used. Such installations are obligated to adhere to detailed safety specifications, with a written study and technical file of the installation. Furthermore, inspection and approval is mandatory from an inspector of the Ministry of Labour. Even in cases where liquid gas is used from tanks, law requires that a licence for LPG storage is obtained from the District Office, once positive feedback is given from the inspector from the Department of Labor Inspection.

Lanitis Gas, with its experienced professional scientific and technical staff, along with a full range of relevant materials and supplies, parts and equipment, is well positioned to give comprehensive solutions to any situation. An on-site survey will be followed by a study draft, then by implementation and required inspection of the installation. Finally a technical file is prepared and handed over to the client. This technical file is a required element for the positive response concerning the LPG installation from the Ministry of Labour inspectors and includes all legislation documents, instructions and certifications. Our company does not consider the task complete unless all positive replies are confirmed and to that end we also undertake the responsibility to contact the relevant department for the inspection.