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Lanitis Electrics operates in the market of electrical supplies offering an extensive product range consisting of cables, wires, wiring accessories, circuit protection devices, distribution boards, home automation, fire detection systems, intercoms, video intercoms, access control systems, lightning protection systems, earthing protection systems, industrial plugs & sockets, raised floor systems, cable support systems, cable management systems, conduit systems, lamps, chimes, lubricants & tapes, cable connectors, etc.

Lanitis Electrics, previously a division of N.P. Lanitis with a significant presence and know-how in the market for electrical supplies since the 1950s, was spun off as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of N.P. Lanitis in January of 2007.

Aligning itself with highly reputable global manufacturers, Lanitis Electrics represents well recognized international brands known for their excellent quality and highest standards. These include Honeywell MK, Hager Electro, 3M, Gent by Honeywell, El Sewedy Cables, Deta Electrical, Videx Electronics, Mennekes Elektrotechnik, Elemko, Lordos Plastics and others.

Operating as both wholesaler and retailer, Lanitis Electrics caters to all segments of the market, with its client base ranging from electrical contractors to individual electricians, retailers and homeowners.

The key to the company’s success stems from over six decades of experience and strong relationships with suppliers, clients and employees, as well as its ability to offer a complete range of quality products with market driven prices and excellent customer service.