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Liquid Gas

General Information about Liquid Gas

Liquid gas, also known as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a combination of hydrocarbons (chemical substances from coal and hydrogen) and is basically formed of propane and butane. Under normal pressure and temperature, it is in a gaseous form but for easier transportation purposes it is liquefied in cylinders or tanks using low pressure and increasing its temperature. In its liquefied form it does not burn, however as it exits the cylinders it vaporizes and is ready for use. With its combustion, it generates heat which leads to further evaporation of the liquid and is ready for use.

Since the gas in liquid form is in cylinders and tanks, it is under pressure and thus is extremely dangerous. Under certain conditions, sudden vaporization or release can cause a catastrophic explosion. Therefore, strict specifications concerning transport, placement, storage, installation, usage and maintenance of required equipment must be adhered as per adopted legislation.

Liquid gas is widely prevalent in our society as fuel and is found in almost all homes, restaurants, industrial units, factories, hotels, etc. In recent years, it is used as a propellant (motor fuel), utilizing its main advantage which is less harmful exhaust emissions.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders come in various sizes according to their weight, usually 10kg, 14kg, 15kg, 25kg, 35kg and 50kg. Lanitis Gas Ltd has large storage spaces with all of the aforementioned cylinder sizes and can transport them to clients using their large vehicle fleet and/or through exclusive resellers and representatives.

Empty cylinders are transported to the facilities of our licensed partner/collaborator, where they are carefully inspected individually, are refilled and taken back to our warehouses. The continuous influx of new cylinders, guarantee the constant service to our clients throughout Cyprus.

The cylinders are primarily used for small consumption, where minor amounts are provided (in gaseous form) and to locations where it is not possible to place tanks.

Tanks – Bulk Gas

Tanks are required in cases where there is an increased need for LPG. A tank basically functions like a large cylinder but with the ability to produce larger amounts of liquid gas in a gaseous form. As with the cylinders, it is required that the tanks meet strict specifications and abide by legislation relating to safety and maintenance. Legislation is also very strict regarding where the tanks are placed. A fully qualified experienced team of technicians are available for any consultation requested.

Lanitis Gas Ltd supplies bulk LPG to industrial units, factories, hotels, restaurants and other businesses where it is stored in tanks. The various options for tank capacity cater to all professional and industrial market needs.

The LPG is transported in gaseous state using specialized vehicles – tanker trucks and cautiously refills to the tanks. In this manner, the company supplies the LPG to all the installation points and clients all over the island.