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Incorporated in 1896, N.P. Lanitis Ltd, formed the backbone of the Lanitis Group and has evolved into a private equity investment company. Through autonomous subsidiaries and/or associate companies N.P. Lanitis offers a wide range of products and services in various sectors of the economy, such as trading, commodities, energy, restaurants and entertainment, construction and property development.

The main subsidiary & associate companies are:

Lanitis Energy: introduces and implements specialized products and services in the energy sector with emphasis on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and energy conservation. Specialized products and services are provided through its subsidiary companies (Lanitis Electrics, Conercon Energy Solutions and Lanitis Gas) and include a full range of electrical supplies (including cables, wires, wiring accessories, circuit protection, automation devices, fire detection systems, cable management systems,etc), photovoltaics, liquid petroleum gas and consulting services related to the energy field

Lanitis Aristophanous: trades of a full range of quality products in three main lines of business: a) timber and its by-products (softwoods, hardwoods and timber-related industrial products such as MDF, chipboard, OSB and plywood; b) specialized building materials; and c) sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, parquet floors and decking

Carob Mill Restaurants: manages a number of up-market restaurants, cafeterias and take-away food outlets. Catering services are also offered and private venues located at the Carob Mill Complex are available for private functions and corporate events

L.C.A. Domiki: offers a complete package of products and services of superior quality while responding to the full range of requirements in the industry for concrete reinforcing products. Firmly established in the steel industry in Cyprus, the three main categories of products include steel reinforcing bars, wire mesh and cut and bend products